You do NOT need to pay for a Workspace subscription to order products from Queensberry, just an approved Queensberry account.

All paid plans offer complete functionality, except that you need a Pro Plan or better for email integration and to sell non-Queensberry products. Otherwise just upgrade for more data storage.

Click here to try Workspace free for two weeks.

5,000+ files
$ 4 /MO
$48 per year, Billed annually
5,000+ files
$ 10 /MO
$100 per year Save $20
25,000+ files
$ 29 /MO
$290 per year Save $58
100,000+ files
$ 49 /MO
$490 per year Save $98
All you can eat!

Prices are in USD. Temporary galleries uploaded to order Queensberry products and services do not affect your data allowance (conditions apply*)

Highlights   Welcome ENTRY BASIC PRO PRO+
Image Hosting Securely host your images with us to share and sell
Social Sharing Share your images - delight your customers and grow your business
Mobile Apps Shared image collections become installable apps on mobile devices
Client Websites Build a personal website for your clients, including a gift registry - -
Blogging Create your own fully-functional blog in Workspace, or blog directly from Workspace to your Wordpress or Blogger account. -
Shopping cart Sell beautiful Queensberry products online (we do everything - collect payment and deliver the product direct to your customer) or you can self-fulfil.
No commission on paid plans On paid plans you pay transaction processing fees only**. Commission on the Free plan is 15% of the nett amount charged; includes processing fees. 15% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Customisable Website Build your own portfolio website. Use a template with no coding necessary, or take charge of the HTML and CSS to create something unique.
Use your own domain Host your Workspace site under your own domain and use as many domains as you like. Great for SEO! -
Support Real human support by email, blog, live chat and phone, as well as knowledgebase, webinars and video tutorials (live one-on-one support requires a paid plan).
Image Hosting   Welcome ENTRY BASIC PRO PRO+
Data Storage*** Store your images indefinitely; upgrade for more data capacity. Cloud storage means access anytime, from anywhere. 10
Image Gallery Upload image collections (public or passworded) to display, share and sell online.
*Temporary Galleries Upload files for Queensberry products and services without affecting your data allowance (cannot be shared; automatically deleted after 60 days).
Upload Options Upload in Workspace; use our desktop uploader; upload directly from Lightroom, Dropbox or Photojunction.
Colour Correction Order basic colour correction of specific image collections (extra charge).
Q Vault Every image securely backed up with multiple redundancy using Amazon Web Services.
Social Sharing   Welcome ENTRY BASIC PRO PRO+
Customisable Galleries Gorgeous galleries to share your image collections and albums; customisable slideshow and thumbnail views.
Social Media Share your work on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Tumblr; encourage your clients to do the same. Enable or disable comments.
Email, Embed, Blog Email links for shareable or private galleries to your clients; easily add Workspace slideshows, galleries and storyboards to your blog.
Password Albums and image collections can be public, private or semi-private (only a feature image is displayed).
Protect your images Workspace displays only low-res proxies, so your high-res images are secure until purchased or released. Right-click is disabled. Apply a watermark if you wish.
Mobile Apps   Welcome ENTRY BASIC PRO PRO+
Installable galleries on mobile All links to image galleries and albums install as mobile apps when viewed on iOS and most Android devices, and can be saved to the home screen.
Client websites   Welcome ENTRY BASIC PRO PRO+
Personal Websites for your Clients Create websites for your clients as a single portal between you, them and their friends and family. Add a gift registry and guest book. Everything under one URL. - -
Blogging   Welcome ENTRY BASIC PRO PRO+
Blog in Workspace Create your own fully-functional blog in Workspace. -
Create Blog Posts for Wordpress or Blogger Blog directly from Workspace to your existing Wordpress or Blogger account. -
Shopping Cart Sales   Welcome ENTRY BASIC PRO PRO+
Sell Products Online Sell beautiful Queensberry Books and Albums, Q-Books, Q-Frames, Q-Boxes, canvases, fine art (inkjet) and silver halide printing in your own shopping cart.
Multiple Price Lists Define as many price lists as you need for different client types, product types or even individual image collections.
Worldwide Delivery We ship Queensberry Print products direct to your client around the world. Freight charges do apply.
International Pricing Create a price list in your local currency and the shopping cart will calculate prices for other currencies on the fly, based on preserving the same profit to you.
Digital Downloads Sell digital downloads of your image files. Specify a file size from original resolution down to "social media use".
Free Downloads Offer free digital downloads, including whole collections. - -
Colour Correction Offer Workspace colour correction of the images you're ordering (optional, extra charges may apply).
Coupons Customisable shopping cart discount coupons (value or percentage, expiring, limited use, global or restricted).
No commission on shopping cart Pay transaction processing fees only**. Includes processing fees."; ?> 15% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Self-Fulfillment Zero-commission self-fulfillment shopping cart. You are responsible for all products and deliveries. Pays directly into your own Paypal account. - - -
Customisable Website   Welcome ENTRY BASIC PRO PRO+
Hosting By Queensberry Your pages are hosted by Queensberry; unlimited traffic; add your own logo and branding (data limits apply).
Mobile-Friendly Responsive design adapts to mobile, tablets and computer monitors.
No Coding Required Choose one of our 8 website themes (works out of the box; no coding necessary).
Build Your Own Website Integrate your workspace pages with your existing site, or build a hosted, customised website with your own URL and branding (optional).
Analytics and SEO Tools Meta tags, keywords, Google and Bing webmaster tools, Google analytics.
Email Integration Integrate Workspace with Google Mail under your own domain name (charges apply). Set up manually (email for assistance). -
Use your own domain Host your Workspace site under your own domain and use as many domains as you like. Great for SEO! -
Order Queensberry Books and Albums Wholesale Welcome ENTRY BASIC PRO PRO+
Buy Queensberry Books and Albums Wholesale Order beautiful QBY Press Books and Flushmount, Overlay Matted, Classic Matted, Duo and Musée albums at wholesale prices, freight free; approved account required.
Other Queensberry Products Order photographic and fine art prints, canvases, frame and boxes at wholsale prices; freight charge applies; approved account required.
Free Album Design and Colour Correction We offer free album design and basic colour correction when you purchase a QBY album (see pricelist for details; a small charge applies to Press Books and Q-Books).
Online Price Calculators Calculate the cost of any Queensberry book or album in Workspace (approved account required).
Design Queensberry Books and Albums If you prefer, do your own album design in Workspace or Photojunction.
Worldwide Delivery We can ship Queensberry products directly to your clients around the world. Freight charges may apply.
Album Proofing Share and sign off Queensberry albums online (integrated with Photojunction). QBY
Photojunction Subscription Use Photojunction desktop album designer to design book and album page layouts, and save the image files for printing. QBY
Book And Album Ordering/Validation Queensberry book and album ordering and order validation; cover design; freestyle matted album design; built-in file upload; upload history; resume if interrupted. QBY
Photojunction Album Proofing In Workspace your clients can review and approve any Photojunction album design. QBY
NOTE: You can use Photojunction for free if you have purchased Queensberry products to the value of US$100.00 or more in the last twelve months.
Do you want us to do the setup for you? Welcome ENTRY BASIC PRO PRO+
Quick Start A one hour, one-on-one screen share tutorial to introduce and help you set up Workspace (excludes price list set-up and website changes requiring customised CSS). - $95 $95 $95 $95
Turbo Start We'll help set up your Workspace website, custom URL, price lists and shopping cart for you. Conditions apply; requires a current annual plan. Email us to get started. - $295 $295 $295 $295

* The FREE Plan data is limited except for uploads to order Queensberry products and services - see Temporary Galleries above. We reserve the right to cancel inactive accounts (where there have been no new uploads or sales for twelve months).

** PAYMENT PROCESSING FEE: Typically 3-4% of the nett amount charged, depending on whether or not you and your clients are US residents.

*** DATA STORAGE: We archive the high-res images for events three months after uploading. While the proxy images continue to be instantly accessible so that your shopping cart, website and social media assets continue to fully function, there could be a delay of up to 3-5 hours before the original high-res files will be accessible for download or printing. In reality users won't experience any difference except in the case of downloads.